Martin Family

Lower Meadow Pavillion

Wednesday, July 25th

Thursday, July 26th





Just as one might imagine a circus to be--upbeat, unexpected, accomplished, and exciting-- Martin Family Circus aims to bring the same to every audience with their music that "Makes you smile!' This self-contained, vocal driven melodic band of 2 parents and 4 kids packs a punch, combining their rich harmonies in a soaring blend. 

So where did it all begin? Grammy Award winning artist Paul Martin, lead singer/guitarist of country pop group Exile, met and marries Jamie Allen, daughter of Duane Allen-- Oak Ridge Boys. Paul and Jamie began singing together in 2010 with their four children, March (19), Kell (16), Texas (11), and Tallant (10). They quickly realized that the kids all showed an uncanny ability to hear harmonies and pitch, and were proficient in playing musical instruments. They began performing together as a family, and were soon dubbed Martin Family Circus by Country Music Hall of Fame member Vince Gill, playfully teasing with them about their growing number of kids and the craziness that goes hand-in- hand with a large family.

Great Harmonies? It runs in the family. Great stage presence? It runs in the family. A truly entertaining show for all ages? It runs in the family. Martin Family Circus—it runs in the family! There’s nothing better than getting a front row seat to that kind of talent and energy!” –Rodney Lay, Jr., Cox Radio Tulsa