Free Show in Lower Meadow Pavillion

Wednesday July 26   1:30  4:30 & 7:00

Thursday July 27,   1:30-4:30 & 7:00 


Thorn Haven is all about one thing… entertaining audiences of all ages with music that by the end of the show will leave them wanting more. From the grass roots of Western Pennsylvania, the musical influences truly span all genres for this frontline trio. With a musical heritage spanning multiple generations, brothers Andrew and David Weckerly had been rocking stages with blues, southern rock, country, blue grass, rock, and more. Fast forward to an impromptu duet with Amanda Caughey, a well established singer/songwriter with a powerful… soulful voice, the groundwork was in place for a perfect blend of musical personalities. Eventually meeting up with multi-talented Shawn Hook and kick man Andy Boucher, this group is ready to bring music alive to any size venue. Whether it is an intimate acoustic setting or a full stage, Thorn Haven is up to the challenge and will feed the musical hunger of any crowd before them.