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145th Troy Fair

July 27 to Aug 1, 2020



             The Troy Fair Board of directors continues to plan for the 2020 Troy Fair! 

             while no guarantees during this time of uncertainity, we are hoping the

             2020 Troy Fair can open as planned.  We will continue to monitar the 

              communitications from the government officials and will comply with

              state and federal regulations.

              We All really hope that the Fair can go on  for all the people involved in anyway! 

              Please check back for updates, as we will

              posting as information is available.

             Tickets are still on sale for all the fair events and admission,

              Tickets will be totally refundable if we have to cancel.







Check Back for a full schedule of events!























Troy Fair is a Member of IAFE, PA Fair Association, and Troy Chamber of Commerce.