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143rd Troy Fair


July 23 to 28 


           January 19th -Rerverse Raffle Party

            reverse raffle 


2019 Troy Fair show details are coming soon!


The 143rd Troy Fair experienced a very difficult time due to Mother Nature giving us all the rain and flooding.

We are so sorry for the loss to Dreamland Amusements, and to our vendors who also suffered financially due to the terrible weather we experienced in the first 3 days of the fair.

Through all of  that we want to thank all of the vendors who stayed with us and opened for business and made the best of it!

A big thank you to the patrons who came out and enjoyed the fair despite the rain and no rides! We hope that you found a lot of other wonderful things to see and do despite the weather.

A real special thanks to all those who jumped in and helped with their equipment and time, you showed that when in need you were there for the fair,!! 

Our community showed great support to the fair, the Troy Fair Board really appreciates everyone that was a part of the fair in anyway!  

We have begun cleaning up the mess that mother nature left us with and will work throughout the year to bring you the a great 144th Troy Fair July 22-27, 2019. 


TICKET REFUNDS must be submitted by August 16th no refunds will be accepted after that date.

if you have sent in tickets for a refund and you paid by credit card, you will be recieving a refund on the same credit card. If you have questions or want to bring your tickets to the office for the refund the hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 9 to 5


Troy Fair is a Member of IAFE, PA Fair Association, and Troy Chamber of Commerce.