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 TJ was born in New Castle Pennsylvania to Terry and Shirley Hill. He has one older brother, Shawn. At a very early age TJ found out that he had a natural ability to make people laugh. When he wasn’t hamming it up with his Pee-Wee Herman impressions, he was auditioning for the school musicals. TJ starting performing magic at the age of 10, experimenting with small tricks from the local magic shop. The closest magic shop, The Cuckoos Nest, was an hour away. While most kids were busy with girlfriends, jobs, and life, TJ was enthralled with the amazing art of magic.

     Just out of high school, while attending Penn State University for Musical Theatre, TJ was hired at The Cuckoos Nest for part time work. Surrounding himself with magic only made him better and plugged him into the community at large. He immediately joined both the SAM (Society of American Magicians) and IBM (International Brotherhood of Magicians) clubs and began to session with some of the Pittsburgh greats. This seemed to elevate TJ to a new level, soon performing at local restaurants and clubs around the city. Soon TJ was performing at birthdays, communions, Bar Mitzvahs and corporate events. Eventually he earned himself the title as “Official Magician of the Pittsburgh Penguins” and started performing locker room shows, VIP events, and even weddings for some of the players.

 TJ still continues to practice his craft daily and loves sharing his skills with his clients. After numerous radio, newspaper, and television appearances, TJ is definitely not slowing down any time soon. After 1000’s of successful performances all over the country, he still holds strong to respecting the beautiful art of close up and stage magic, hoping someday to become a true…….MAGICMAN!!

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